2016 CSX Santa Train

Special Guest: Darryl Worley

This year marked the 74th year in operation for the Santa Train.

Special thanks to Chris Anderson, Doyle Massey, Michael Ridenhour and Ron Flanary for contributing their photos.
Reproduction or use of any photos is prohibited without permission. Copyright 2016 ClinchfieldCountry.com 

1)Crossing Pool Point on the northern move toward Elkhorn City yard limits. 2)Once filled to the max with coal drags, it's nice to see some movement in Shelbiana, KY.

3)Arriving in Elkhorn City, KY. 4)Rain or shine The Santa Train passes out candy and toys in Elkhorn City, KY

5)Everyone excited to see Santa and special guest Darryl Worley in Haysi, VA. 6)An overview of the Santa Train looking above Russell Tunnel in Haysi, VA.

7)Santa waves as they arrive in Clinchco, VA. 8)SD40-3 exits Perkins Tunnel #14 just outside Clinchco, VA.

9)The rain has finally stopped arriving in Fremont, VA. 10)Santa Train volunteers Hunter Richardson and Chris Anderson.

11)Passing through Wakenva, VA., along the former Clinchfield Railroad.

12)Santa waves as the lead unit enters Sandy Ridge Tunnel.

13)Arriving along side Union Baptist Church in Dante, VA. 14)CSX #4384 idles as toys and candy are being tossed from the rear of the train.

15)Santa takes a moment from tossing gifts, and tosses the photographer a thumbs-up at Dante. 16)Dante is one of the premiere stops along the route.

17)A mother and her daughter walk out of the crowd happy at Dante. 18)Dante, VA.

19)The 74th CSX Santa Train charges thru Hamlin, VA. 20)Heading through Boody, next stop St. Paul, VA.

21)CSX/CRR 4384 splits the crowd at St. Paul as the Santa Train comes to town. 22)CSX #4384 make over to represent the former Clinchfield Railroad.

23)One of Santa's helpers Scott Steffey (Engineer) waves as they get ready to depart St. Paul, VA. 24)The Santa Train rolls south between St. Paul and Dungannon, VA.

25)The Santa Train leaves Miller Yard behind as it rolls south along the former Clinchfield. 26)Santa pauses for a photo with Santa Train volunteers, EKB News Reporter Chris Anderson, and his wife, Debbie.

27)Heading through Osborne Curve. 28)Arriving in Dungannon, VA.

29)Santa and his helpers have a great turnout in Dungannon, VA. 30)Hanging out with Historian and Author,  Everett Young in Dungannon, VA.

31)Arriving in Fort Blackmore, VA. 32)High above Tunnel #24, The Santa Train clears Starnes.

33)Former Clinchfield Employee now retired, Historian, Author and long time friend Ray Poteat stopped to chat with yours truly. 34)Exiting Tunnel #28 also known as Bald  Tunnel.

35)Gliding along the bluffs. 36)Heading around the curve is Copper Creek Viaduct in Boulder, VA.

37)Senabaugh Tunnel #32. 38)Crossing North Holston River Bridge in Kingsport, TN.

39)After deboarding the Santa Train, Santa asks a young man what he wants for Christmas. 40)Santa pauses for a photo with Chris, Debbie, Christopher Jr. and Allison after riding the Santa Train with Chris and Debbie.

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Kingsport Chamber of Commerce
Attn: Santa Train
400 Clinchfield Street, Ste. 100
Kingsport, TN 37660

Ph: (423) 392-8800

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