2015 CSX Santa Train

Celebrity Guest: Meghan Linsey
This year marked the 73rd year in operation for the Santa Train.

Special thanks to Chip Allen, Chris Anderson, Brock Dishner, Ron Flanary, Samuel Phillips, Hunter Richardson and Nathan Wolshlager for contributing their photos.

The northbound dead head of the 73rd Annual Santa Train works its way north as it crosses Boone Creek Trestle on the former Clinchfield Railroad. The northbound P904-16 crosses the Clinchfield Bridge over the South Fork of the Holston River as it arrives into Kingsport, TN.

A young lady at Shelby Yard near Pikeville, KY., smiles and reaches into the air as the Santa Train prepares to depart for its southbound run. Santa has little trouble finding a target for the stuffed animal in the tight confines of Marrowbone, KY., during the Santa Trains second stop of the day.

Meghan is all smiles as she watching the kids catch the candy and toys in Marrowbone, KY. Santa and Meghan toss a toy off the rear platform as the train blows the horn to depart Marrowbone, KY.

The 2015 CSX Santa Train crosses over Russell Fork as it arrives in Elkhorn City, KY.

Arms from the eager crowd at Elkhorn City reach upward as a teddy bear thrown from the rear of the train flies through the air.

A young man who was lucky enough to grab a gift from the Santa Train whips around to offer the toy to another child who had yet to receive a gift. A young man sits high above the Elkhorn City crowd awaiting a gift thrown from the Santa Train.

Pool Point Bridge which is just south of Elkhorn City, KY. The Santa Train crosses Pool Point Bridge, entering into the Breaks Interstate Park.

Exiting the south portal of the Clinchfield's State Line Tunnel between VA and KY, The Santa Train passes through the Grand Canyon of the South. Although the 4th stop along the route, not photographed very often is the secluded area of Toms Bottom, VA.

The CSX Santa Train glides around the "S" curve at Rex just north of Haysi, VA. Arriving in Haysi, VA., passing the old house track along the former Clinchfield Railroad.

After hitting his target in the large crowd at Haysi, VA., Santa wishes a spectator "Merry Christmas" with a big thumbs-up. Santa and his elves pass out candy and toys from the rear platform in Haysi, VA.

Overall view of the crowd that turned out in Haysi, VA The Santa Train exits Sykes Mill Tunnel as it arrives in Clinchco, VA.

As the lead engines pass VA 83-63 Highway the crowd anxiously waits for Santa on the rear platform. Santa, Meghan and the elves pass out candy and toys in Clinchco, VA.

A boy waits for Santa to catch his eye as he sits on his Dad's shoulders high above the crowd in Clinchco, VA. Departing Clinchco, VA., Santa Train is on its way south toward Kingsport, TN. 

The 2015 CSX Santa Train crosses over the First McClure Bridge located in Clinchco, VA. Arriving in McClure, VA., The Santa Train glides through the curve entering Caney Fork Tunnel.

Cruising along on schedule as the Santa Train exits Caney Fork Tunnel. Passing Nora Junction which was once the location of Nora Branch line that lead to the Blue Diamond Tipple.

Passing through Wakenva, VA., along the former Clinchfield Railroad. Another view of Wakenva, VA., with a different angle. This location is also known as Roaring Fork.

Southbound heading up grade along the 110 mile route in Trammel, VA. The Santa Train glides around the curve in Trammel, VA.

As the Santa Train passes through Trammel, VA., Santa and his elves wave as they enter Sandy Ridge Tunnel. The Santa Train eases into Dante, VA., for one of its premiere stops.

As the rear starts to pass out candy and toys the lead engine arrives at the famous photo location next to Union Baptist Church in Dante, VA. One of the largest stops along the route, the train crew step out to stretch at Dante, VA., while many photographers discuss their next favorite spot.

A photographer is all smiles as the Santa Train eases into Dante, VA. A member of the Santa Train's head end crew gives a friendly wave as the train pulls out of Dante, VA.

Santa, joined by several of his "elves", waves as the Santa Train pulls away from Dante, VA. East Kentucky Broadcasting photographer Ronny Hylton films the Santa Train as the train leaves Dante, VA.

As the Santa Train glides through the curve it clears mile post #39 at Hamlin, VA. Another view at Hamlin, VA. as it heads south toward St. Paul, VA.

Passing Boody, VA., once one of the busiest locations for train meets along the former Clinchfield Railroad. Santa points to a child that is eager to receive a toy in St. Paul, VA.

Located in St. Paul, VA., Santa looking for the next recipient to receive a gift. The Santa Train is on Facebook

A massive crowd gathers at the rear of the Santa Train in St. Paul, VA. Arriving in St. Paul, VA., once the crew grabs a bite to eat they'll head south for the rest of the trip.

Heading south out of St. Paul, VA., their almost at the half way point along the 110 mile route. Heading south along the former Clinchfield Railroad just north of Dungannon, VA.

The Santa Train glides around Osborne Curve, next stop is Dungannon, VA. The Santa Train glides southbound nearing its stop in Fort Blackmore, VA., along the route of the former Clinchfield Railroad.

One of the best locations for locals and photographers to catch the CSX Santa Train is Fort Blackmore, VA. Southbound at mile post #70, the Santa Train passes through the community of Starnes, VA.

The Santa Train glides high across the famous Copper Creek Viaduct near Clinchport, VA. Built to last at almost 1500Ft long and 167Ft tall, this view shows how massive Copper Creek really is in this wide angle shot.

The 2015 CSX Santa Train glides across Copper Creek, not easily accessed but well worth the view once you arrive at the top. Everyone was ready to catch something from the rear platform as Santa arrived in Kermit, VA.

A rare location that many photographers don't make it to along the route is Kermit, VA. Arriving into Kingsport, TN., The Santa Train crosses the North Fork Holston River Bridge.
CSX crew arrive right on time for Santa to hop off the train for the big celebration, the CSX Santa Train comes to an end as it arrives in Kingsport, TN. Even after all the gifts have been thrown and Santa Claus has dismounted the Santa Train, a young 4-year-old boy is still captivated by St. Nick's sleigh idling in Kingsport Yard.
On stage Meghan is greeting the massive crowd in Kingsport, TN. Crew change along with refueling before heading back to CSX headquarters in Jacksonville, FL.

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