2014 CSX Santa Train

Celebrity Guest: Amy Grant
This year marked the 72nd year in operation for the Santa Train.

Special thanks to Chris Anderson, Doyle Massey, Hunter Richardson, Mike Dowell, Mitch Caudill,  Ron & Wilma Flanary, Samuel Phillips and Nathan Wolshlager for contributing their photos.

2014 CSX Santa Train is underway in Shelby, KY. Arriving in Marrowbone, KY.

Crossing the former C&O Bridge arriving in Elkhorn City, KY. Third stop along the route is Elkhorn City, KY. 

Click Here to see more info on the Elkhorn City Railroad Museum.

Crossing Pool Point entering Breaks Interstate Park. 

Click Here for more info on the Breaks.

Crossing over Hills Mill Bridge in Haysi, VA

Santa and his helpers pass out candy and toys from the rear platform in Haysi, VA. Exiting Sykes Mill Tunnel as it arrives in Clinchco, VA.

Santa tosses a stuffed animal as Amy Grant throws a handful of candy in Clinchco, VA. Amy handing a little girl and stuffed teddy bear in Clinchco, VA.

Santa and his helpers passing out a portion of the 15-tons of candy and toys.

Departing Clinchco, VA crossing First McClure Bridge.

Winding around the curve as it arrives in Fremont, VA. As the Santa Train arrives in Fremont, VA the photo line will grabs a shot of Santa on the rear from the bridge.

Fremont usually has one of the larger crowds, over the years it has grown even more. Passing Caney Junction entering Caney Fork Tunnel.

Exiting Caney Fork Tunnel located in McClure, VA. Passing through Allen, VA.

Heading around the curve passing though Martin, VA. Depending on who you talk to this is known as Wakenva, also known as Roaring Fork.

Looking down from the old depot platform in Dante, VA. Santa passing out gifts in Dante, VA. which is one of the largest stops along the route.

Passing the famous photo spot with the Union Baptist Church in Dante, VA. Heading through the once busy coal yard in Dante, VA.

Running along Lick Creek in Hamlin, VA. In route to cross over the Norfolk Southern main as it heads into St Paul, VA.

Everyone is ready for Santa in St Paul, VA. Santa is ready to toss the stuffed animal as the kids await for anything they can catch.

Great view and location along the route is Osborne Curve just north of Dungannon, VA. Another view of Osborne Curve, next stop is Dungannon, VA.

From the VA. 65 bridge you can see the train as it arrives in Dungannon, VA. One of CSX's youngest helpers is ready for crowd control in Dungannon, VA.

Arriving in Fort Blackmore, VA. you have a great view from VA. 619 bridge. Another view of all the kids and adults that showed up in Fort Blackmore, VA.

Heading around the tight curve the Santa Train passes through the community of Starnes, VA. Crossing Copper Creek, if you would like more information and details for next years Santa Train, please visit: teamsantatrain.org

Look....it's the Santa Train! Looking down from high above you can see how massive Copper Creek Viaduct is from this view.

You can see one of CSX newest rebuilds in this pan shot of the SD40-3 located in Kermit, VA.  Amy Grant exhausted after a long day!

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Located on the Virginia/Tennessee state line, they pass out gifts in Waycross, VA. Amy Grant having a great time in Waycross, VA.
Crossing the North Fork of the Holston River located in Kingsport, TN. Last stop along the 110 mile journey arriving in Kingsport, TN.
Santa departs the train along with all his helpers, CSX has a crew change as well. Santa arrives and jumps on the Fire Truck for the Kingsport Christmas Parade.
Time sure does fly, my youngest isn't a baby anymore but this year he got some photos and video. Thanks for the photo Mike! One last shot of the train as it crosses Boones Creek heading back home to Jacksonville, FL.

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