2013 CSX Santa Train
Celebrity Guest: Kree Harrison
This year marked the 71st year in operation for the Santa Train.

Special thanks to Tishia Adams, Chris Anderson, Kevin Comer, Mike Dowell, Ron Flanary, Ryan Markham, Andrew Milwee, Samuel Phillips, Lyndsey Whitt and Rob Wolshlager for contributing their photos.

Santa waits in the baggage car for the start of this years journey. Santa tosses candy and toys from the train in Shelby, KY

As the whistle blows, Santa tosses a couple hats to the crowd in Shelby, KY. Santa tosses a stuffed animal in Marrowbone, KY.

Santa's helper tosses toys out to everyone in Elkhorn City, KY. The Santa Train stops just short of the Elkhorn City Railroad Museum.

This little girl is ready for Santa to toss a toy to her in Elkhorn City, KY.  As the train departs Elkhorn City, it passes mile post #1 on the former Clinchfield Railroad.

The train exits Stateline Tunnel located in the Breaks Interstate Park. Crossing over Hills Mill Bridge in Haysi, VA.

Another view of this years train heading south into Haysi, VA. Even the cold rain doesn't stop Haysi from coming out to see Santa this year.

Looking down on the Haysi crowd from the hillside. Exiting Sykes Mill Tunnel as it arrives in Clinchco, VA.

The toys and gifts are stacked near the platform ready to be passed out in Clinchco, VA. Located in Clinchco, Santa and his helpers toss a small portion of the 15 tons of gifts and candy from the train.

Arriving in Fremont, VA the CSX crew keeps everyone safe as the train arrives on schedule. Looking down from State Hwy 83 overpass you can see Santa and his helpers are ready.

Santa and his reliable helper wave as they depart Fremont, VA. Passing McClure, VA the media crew interview the one and only Don Royston.

Once a large coal town, everyone is happy to see the Santa Train arrive in Dante, VA. 2013 Santa Train has departed Dante as it passes the Union Baptist Church.

A different angle view from the front entrance of the Union Baptist Church located at the north end of Dante yard. As the train enters Dante yard, you can see times have changed. Back in the day, this yard would be full of black diamonds.

As the train heads south, Santa waves at a family along the tracks. The 71st CSX Santa Train charges thru Hamlin, VA.

CSX #4043 is a newer rebuilt SD40-3 with a Lego style wide cab known as the Frankenforty. Heading thru Boody, a mom and her son step up to the rails to wave at the crew and Santa as the train passes.

Just under halfway through the route the Santa Train is  at Boody, VA.

Santa and the crew wave as they head into St Paul, VA.

Heading into St Paul, CSX will have to crossover the Norfolk Southern main before it's next stop. St Paul gives Santa a big welcome as the sun finally starts to peak thru the clouds.

St Paul is one of fourteen stops along the route that has a fairly large crowd. They also toss candy and toys from a truck. Kree Harrison who was one of the finalist for American Idol, helped distribute over 15 tons of gifts and toys to the families along the 110 mile route.

Santa, Kree and the rest of the helpers are passing out gifts in St Paul, VA. As Santa tosses the last gift off the observation car the engineer blows the whistle ready to depart.

As the Santa Train passes thru Miller Yard, one of CSX newest units #3134 (ES44AC-H) is holding on the passing track. Passing the South end of Miller Yard.  This was once a large yard when the Clinchfield was in full operation.  

Ready to pass thru Towns Tunnel, next stop Dungannon, VA. As CSX# 4043 heads thru Osborne Curve the sun is finally shining.

CSX safety crew pace the Santa Train in the red F-250 as the train heads toward Dungannon, VA. Santa, Kree, Samuel and the other crew are all smiles as they head thru Wood, VA.

As the train arrives in Fort Blackmore, VA the crowd awaits to see Santa. Santa and his helpers throw gifts from the train at Fort Blackmore. It is stop eleven of the fourteen locations along the route.

The CSX Santa Train always runs the Saturday before Thanksgiving. High above the Clinch River looking down at Starnes, VA.

Lead engine #4034 charges through the Twin Tunnels located in Hill, VA. A view from the observation car as they cross the massive Copper Creek Viaduct.

Someone has spotted the train and as you can tell, he's all smiles to see it arrive! A wide shot of the viaduct from the bank of the Clinch River as the train eases across for the view.

Lead unit #4034.  Before the engine was rebuilt it was L&N / Seaboard System #8005

Built in 1908, Copper Creek is almost 1500' long and 167' tall. NS Appalachia District is located below.

Before it heads into Tunnel #30, Clinch Mountain Tunnel, it crosses over US 23/58 in Speers Ferry, VA.  Santa, Kree and her helper passing out gifts and toys in Kermit, TN.

Entering Kingsport, TN as it crosses North Fork Holston River Bridge. End of the line for this years Santa Train as it arrives in Kingsport.  Santa will hop on the fire truck for the annual parade.

Shawn Robinson is at the throttle as they pull into Kingsport this year. CSX Crew: L to R - Brakeman - Scott "Budgy" Peterson, Road Foreman - Larry Herren, Engineer- Shawn Robinson, Conductor- Aaron Toney (Not in photo)

2013 Santa Train is over as the train passes thru Carter Yard across from Eastman. Set with a new crew and new train number they head south to Jacksonville, FL as it crosses Boones Creek Viaduct.

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