2011 CSX Santa Train

Special Guest: Thompson Square

Special thanks to Dennis McCurry for contributing his photos.

The start of the 2011 CSX Santa Train in Shelbiana, KY Santa throws the first gift.   Thompson Square was the celebrity guest on this year's Santa Train.
Ready to depart Marrowbone Santa and Shawna toss the last of the gifts from the platform.   Crossing the former C&O Bridge arriving in Elkhorn City, KY.
Always one of the larger crowd stops along the route, home of the Elkhorn City Railroad Musuem   Keifer & Shawna having a great time on this year's Santa Train.
Santa has arrived at Haysi, VA.   Everyone reloading for another round of toy and gift throwing.
Tompson Square can also be found on facebook.   An overview of the Haysi, VA crowd right before departure time.
Exiting Sykes Mill Tunnel on the former Clinchfield Railroad in Clinchco, VA    Santa hands a toy to a child and his helpers throw just a portion of the 15 tons of candy and toys.
Santa points at the little girl in the pink jacket...she's ready!   Located at MP #17.5 in Clinchco, VA the Santa Train will travel 110 miles total to get to Kingsport, TN.
Santa waves as he crosses the First McClure Bridge located in Clinchco, VA.   Heading around the curve under the bridge the engineer can see the crowd located at the Fremont, VA stop.
Santa and the helpers look up and wave as all of us yell...SANTA!   Located at McClure Junction CSX #P913 enters Caney Fork Tunnel.
Heading south along the Kingsport Sub the Santa Train is located at the south end of Allen, VA.   Passing through Allen Santa waves as the news crew interviews him between stops.
Pulling into Dante, VA CSX #4025 an SD40-3 one of the newest rebuilds from the Huntington Shops.   Santa throws a stuffed animal to a little boy as he gets a little help from Dad.
One of the largest stops along the route which always has a good turnout is Dante, VA.   Thompson Square enjoying the crowd as Shawna throws another gift to someone.
The most famous location for a photo is located next to the Union Baptist Church in Dante, VA.   Waiting for Santa to depart the crew of a Northbound waits in Dante yard.
Passing through Hamlin, VA onto the next stop.   This year marks the 69th. running of the CSX Santa Train.
Just under halfway through the route the Santa Train is located at Boody, VA.   Keifer hands a stuffed animal to someone in the crowd at St. Paul, VA.
The crew just grabbed some lunch and departed St. Paul, VA.   Heading around Osborne Curve you can see the colors of the leaves are long gone.
Next stop as he passes Osborne Curve Santa will arrive in Dungannon, VA.   The Santa Train always runs the Saturday before Thanksgiving.
Santa and the helpers passing out gifts at Fort Blackmore, VA.   The 2011 Santa Train passing through Slant, VA.
Crossing over the Copper Creek Viaduct located in Boulder, VA.   Copper Creek is almost 1500' long and 167' tall and was built in 1908.
Crossing North Fork Holston River Bridge ready for it's last stop located at Kingsport, TN.   Santa Train is cleared out and has a new crew to head home to Jacksonville, FL passing through Boone, TN.

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