2010 CSX Santa Train

Special Guest: The Judds

Special thanks to Chris Anderson, E.M. Bell, Doyle Massey,
 Dennis McCurry & Tara McCurry for contributing their photos.

The deadhead move north to Shelby Yard Shelbiana, KY is the beginning of the Santa Train

Passing the loudout in Millard, KY The Judds tossing toys and candy in Marrowbone, KY

Santa tosses a stuffed animal Santa and The Judds having a great time

Crossing former C&O bridge entering Elkhorn City, KY Elkhorn City is the third stop along the 110 mile trip

Arriving in Elkhorn City...the crowd is ready Elkhorn City always has a great turn out for the Santa Train

The Judds and Santa wave as they come to a stop Naomi tosses a stuffed animal in Elkhorn City

Passing out a small portion of the 15 tons of toys and candy along the route Santa Train passing milepost 1 on the former Clinchfield Railroad 

Elkhorn City yard was once a major coal yard with several loudouts Crossings Pool Point bridge entering the Breaks Interstate Park
The Grand Canyon of the South, The Breaks is located in southwest Virginia Crossing Levisa River

Crossing Hills Mill Bridge located in Haysi, VA CSX #8506 leads the way this year

Santa waves as the sun comes out in Haysi Santa Train comes to a stop in Haysi

Santa, Wynonna's daughter Grace and friends pass out toys and candy Exiting Sykes Mill Tunnel in Clinchco

Santa and his helper give a friendly welcome as they arrive in Clinchco, VA Santa waves departing Clinchco

Crossing 2nd McClure Bridge Fremont is waiting on Santa just around the bend

CSX #8506 SD50-2 has 3500 hp and is doing a great job Santa's helpers wave at the photographers
Arriving in Fremont, VA As the train passes, the crowd gathers around the rear platform

Passing through Caney Junction Exiting Caney Fork Tunnel behind McClure Lumber

Santa Train passing an old abandon coal loader located in Allen, VA Santa waves as the crew stocks the rear platform

Passing Martin, VA The Santa Train enters one of many reverse curves along the route

Trammel is the highest elevation on the north end . Sandy Ridge Tunnel is the longest tunnel on the former Clinchfield

Mikey's final run banner Santa Train departing Dante with Union Baptist Church in the back ground

Dante is pronounced like "Can't" Running along Lick Creek in Hamlin, VA

Crossing Lick Creek for the last time Passing out toys and candy in St. Paul, VA
Naomi tosses a stuffed animal in St. Paul Overview of St. Paul

CSX crew has gotten their boxed lunch and it's time to depart Departing St. Paul looking down from Alt. Highway 58

Santa and Wynonna wave goodbye Entering Osborne Curve

The Santa Train is just north of Dungannon, VA Santa gives a big wave as they're ready for Dungannon

Passing through Hardwood, VA Santa Train arriving in Fort Blackmore, VA

Santa's helper throws a big handful of candy for the crowd Photographer's hanging out on the highway 72 overpass

SD50-2 heading south on the main at Starnes, VA The Santa Train ready to cross 3rd. Clinch River Bridge around the bend
Copper Creek Viaduct Looking at CSX on the top and Norfolk Southern mainline on the bottom
North Fork Holston River Bridge Kingsport is around the bend and will be the last stop
Another view looking west as the Santa Train crosses the same bridge It's time for Santa to hop off the train and ride the fire engine through the parade
Santa Train is cleared out and has a new crew to head home to Jacksonville, FL One last view as it crosses Boones Creek Viaduct

M.J. Stirling's
Final Run 

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