2008 CSX Santa Train

Special Guest: Kathy Mattea

Arriving in Elkhorn City, VA. crossing the old C&O bridge. As the 2008 CSX Santa Train arrives in Elkhorn City Santa is ready at the rear of the train.

Kathy Mattea is greeting Elkhorn City in style. Santa and his helpers hard at work.

Approaching the Breaks Interstate Park the Santa Train crosses Pool Point Bridge. Arriving in Haysi, VA. CSX SD40-2 #8016 is the lead unit.

Santa and Kathy Mattea wave as they arrive in Haysi, VA. Santa and Kathy pass out a portion of the 15 tons of gifts.

The sun finally came out in Clinchco, VA. Kathy Mattea greeting Clinchco, VA.

Kathy having a great time. Check out her MySpace Page. Crossing the First McClure Bridge in Clinchco.

Santa gives a big wave as he departs Clinchco. Arriving in Fremont, VA. looking down from hwy. VA. 83

Santa and his helpers look up at the photo line. Heading around the curve at Allen, VA.

Santa Train passes with the previous days snow fall. Santa Train idle as CSX officials talk business at Dante, VA.

Entering Dante yard limits as the lead unit passes the Union Baptist Church. The Santa Train at the SE of Boody siding

Crossing over Lick Creek in Hamlin, VA. The 66th annual Santa Claus Special arrives at St. Paul, VA.

Departing St. Paul, next stop Dungannon! Crawling as it comes around Osborne Curve.

Santa is over halfway home to Kingsport as he waves at Osborne Curve. The 2008 Santa Train arrives in Dungannon, VA.

Santa arrived in Dungannon and the crowd was ready. As the helpers grab more gifts as Santa throws a stuff animal.

The Santa Train just north of Fort Blackmore, VA. HO! HO! HO!

The Santa Train passes an empty coal drag at Starnes holding in the siding. The Santa Train is at MP# 70 heading south at Starnes, VA.

Crossing over the Third Clinch River Bridge. Crossing the massive Copper Creek Viaduct.

Another view of the Santa Train crossing Copper Creek Viaduct with NS tracks below. Crossing over U.S. 23-58 on the Speers Ferry Bridge. If you look close you'll see the backhoe on NS tracks.

Arriving in Kermit, TN. on the mainline. Santa handing a gift to a little girl in Kermit.

Santa giving gifts away at Kermit, one of 12 pre-determined stops along the 110 mile trip. The Santa Train rolls past the end of northbound N370 after making a stop at Kermit.

Santa waves at the onlookers as the Santa Train is about to disappear into Click Tunnel at Frisco. The Santa Train crossing over North Fork Holston River Bridge.

The end of the line, Santa has departed the train along with Kathy and the parade has started. The 2008 Santa Train is over crossing Boones Creek Viaduct, on it's way to Erwin, TN.

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