2007 CSX Santa Train

The 2007 Santa Train arrives into Elkhorn City, KY. Santa is passing out the gifts in Elkhorn City.

Crossing Pool Point Bridge entering into the Breaks Interstate Park. Exiting Russel Tunnel located in Haysi, VA.

As the train passes... Haysi is waiting for Santa! The rear of the train is in site and everyone is ready.

This year's celebrity guest, country musician Patty Loveless seen here in Haysi, VA. Santa's helpers even came dressed for the occasion.

Santa and Patty are handing out stuffed animal toys in Haysi. Exiting Sykes Mill Tunnel the Santa Train has arrived in Clinchco, VA.

As the train comes to a stop everyone is looking for Santa on the rear of the train. Santa is dancing for the viewers in Clinchco!

You can find out more info about Patty Loveless at: www.patty-loveless.net Heading around the curve at Fremont it crosses under VA. 83.

Fremont, VA. is usually one of the bigger stops along the 110 mile route. As they pass out gifts the engineer blows the horn to let everyone know it time to depart.

The Santa Train passes under one of the mainline tipples along the former Clinchfield Raiload. As it passes through Wakenva,VA. Santa waves once again.

One of the most famous shot's along the route is located in Dante, VA. Santa's helpers toss just a small portion of the 15 tons of candy and toys.

When the Santa Train runs everyone at Dante comes down to the tracks. As the train departs Dante it enters the "S" curve at Sun, VA.

St. Paul is at milepost 42.5 and there crossing over  VA. 63 Hwy. Departing St. Paul it crosses over 1st. Clinch River heading toward Dungannon, VA.

Santa was right on time when they arrived in Fort Blackmore, VA. A northbound train is waiting at Starnes as the Santa Train passes.

Crossing the massive Copper Creek Viaduct located in Boulder, VA. Copper Creek is almost 1500' long and 167' tall and was built in 1908.

The Santa Train is crossing over the North Fork Holston River Bridge. Santa has left the Train, it's final stop at Kingsport, TN.

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