Great Northern Railway

Scott has dismantled his N-scale layout and moved to Columbus, Ohio area.

He has switched to HO-scale, no new photos are available at this time.

Aerial view of downtown Tacoma, Washington (in N scale), with Great Northern yard in foreground.
Looking at the famous Tacoma station, custom kitbashed by the owner himself.
This helix (one of two) under Cascade Salvage leads to lower level towns/staging.
Great Northern roundhouse and engine facility is always busy.
Located in Tacoma is the Hooker Chemical plant, this facility has it's own turn switched out daily.
 Tacoma Belt doing switching duties in zone 7.
"Package Row" also known as zone 6 is fun to switch but you better think a little before you make your moves.
Piggyback ramps are located near the Milwaukee Road interchange seen here in the background.
Zone 8 features two wharves, each with 8 spots to which cars are assigned.
An aerial view of zone 8 (The wharves) and zone 9 located on the back side of the wharves.
U.S. Customs and West Coast Door are in Zone 9, sharing the peninsula with Zone 8.
This is an aerial view of the back part of the massive St. Regis Paper complex.
You can see the whole complex from this aerial view, You can see why it has it's own switcher.
St. Regis switcher is pulling a cut of cars out ready to be shipped.
South Prairie is a branch line located under St. Regis.
The Owner, Scott Williamson.

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