Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railroad

This is Eola jct. The front track is the BN trackage. To the Right is heading toward Galesburg & Minneapolis staging. The back track is the "J" trackage. To the left is heading toward Eola, Il. Where the "J" goes over the BN's triple track (race track) to Chicago.
This the "J" main line. The F unit is heading East bound toward Joliet, Il., after going over the BN Main line at Eola Il.
This is the BN main line going into Chicago on the bottom and the J's main line going over the top between Waukegan and Joliet. Joliet is to the Right.
This is Eola jct. The "J" engines are going toward to Waukegan, Il. The ITLX (brown) engines are heading toward the BN Eola yard.

This is "J" Waukegan yard. There is a 6 track classification yard with 3 arrival / departure tracks on the left. You are looking South (RR east) past the yard in this picture. The engine facility is at the South (RR east) end of the yard. 
This is the BN Eola yard. There is a 5 track classification yard  with 3 arrival / departure tracks in the center of the yard. The "J" goes over the top of the BN trackage at the back of the picture, see picture #3 above.
Warmbold Scrap metals located next to the "J" Waukegan yard.
This the "J" Joliet yard. There are 8 classifications track each track will hold 28 cars. 4 arrival / departure tracks and a Run thur track on the right side of the picture. You are looking north (RR west) in this picture. The upper track on the right is the main ling going into the Waukegan yard.
This is the East (#2) (future CTC) Dispatch board. It controls traffic from East Joliet yard to Gary yard and then to South Chicago.
This is Plainfield grain Plainfield is on the Western Sub between West Joliet and Waukegan
This is industrial area at West Eola on the BN. The train is a empty coal train heading to Galesburg and the western coal fields.

EJ&E Superintendent, John DePauw

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