Here is my newest project...


  Here is the industrial area of the Clinchfield with Mead Paper, Penn-Dixie Cement, Freight Terminal and the Engine House.

  This is the mountain area with two industries one being the Feldspar Plant and the other is Moss Mine #1 which is also a preperation plant.

  The southbound freight #94 is in the siding waiting on Thomas!

  Here is another view of the "city" side of the layout. There is still a lot of work to be done but at least I can run some trains with the boys.

  As usual Thomas is doing all the work, resting next to the shed is a brand new Athearn Genesis SD40 that I just got for Christmas. (Don't tell my wife I took it out of the box! LOL)

  Here is a side view of the layout, it has two sidings with a run around, five industries and two interchange tracks with plenty of operation for our two boys.

  It's Super Saturday and the kids are building there first Athearn Boxcar kit.

  This is the leader of the pack, this is Tonya's first kit and as you can tell she really loves to build boxcars!

  Here is the first class of 24 kids, they just finished building there boxcar kits. They all wanted to "TOUCH" the train...ARGG!! LOL



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